Monday, June 29, 2009

My cuz's "I do", BET, and still...MIKE much has gone on over the weekend, I'll never be able to fit all in! Oh, dear but where DO we start? Well first of all, I'm home!!! Yay! I got in to Cincinnati on Saturday and can I just say, after all this time I'm still very confused as to why there are never any other black people on the plane whenever I fly into Ohio?! I mean, WTF is that about? And it never fails that I get the "oh she must be on the wrong flight" look. I mean, REALLY?! In 2009? My President is black...oh, doesn't matter?? OKAYEE. Anyhoo, my cousin--who's totally like my sister when you're an only child (I mean, this who I took baths with and wore the hand me downs from:))- got married on SUNDAY! Yeah, you heard me right...on Sunday and in between 8:00am and 11:00am church services at that! LOL...she called it starting a "new" trend. I called it extremely poor planning. However, I MUST admit it was actually a good look especially if you're on a budget. She had a lovely ceremony at her church with all the bells and whistles. Then we shot over to the church reception hall across the parking lot where we had a delightful breakfast reception. I swear we were done and out by 11:45am! That *ish* was great! I had church, fluffed my cousin's dress, took pics, ate: eggs,grits, biscuits, and was out and almost back at my parent's crib by noon! Holy Macaroni! I am taking notes! In all seriousness though, she was beautiful and did a great job. More importantly, I think she was really happy and that alone was worth the trip to see...luv u much Nic:)

Later that evening I watched the BET awards...

Man, I guess a lot of people were disappointed but I wasn't because my expectations were never all that high. I mean, what did you really expect from an entity that produces and supports a show about the baby's mamas of two rappers! By the way, one of the most appalling moments of the evening was the full on promotion campaign of TINY and ???--oh hell, I can't even think of the other young woman's name. Anyhoo, the show had a lot of questionable moments (just a tore up face of confusion on Beyonce's performance), sure, but they also had a lot to do with very little time to prepare. I give Stephen Hill and those folks some credit for pulling together a monumental task (unexpectedly) within a matter of 48 hours. The artists did their best as well, I think. Think about how brilliant was it for them to use New Edition in the opening Jackson 5 number! Who else could have learned that choreography so fast BUT the guys from Boston that were created under the Jackson model from the time they were kids and as a result, became the Jackson 5 of my generation? Maybe they didn't sound all that great but they performed their butts off...and as a true N.E fan, I was happy with that:) Then there was Joe Jackson on the red carpet(omg, make him stop), Janet (j'adore!), and Joe speaking again this morning(please, make him stop). Just let Janet speak for the fam. She's always kinda been the Ambassador between the black community and that family anyway...or at least since Good Times. All in all, I'm still mourning so my thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Katherine who lost "her baby, a good boy" and Rebe, Latoya, Marlon, Tito, Jackie, Jermaine, Janet, and Randy...all of whom have lost their, BROTHER. I don't want for a minute to abate what it is they must be feeling. An abounding loss that is incomparable to anything I've ever experienced. I recently saw a picture of Mike heading into one of his court appearances during that infamous, ridiculous trial in '03 and I noticed Big Joe holding his son's hand ever so gently but with a grip of fatherly protection and I thought, "No matter how much people villainize either one of these men, this is a father that is holding his child's hand in the face of incredible adversity and standing by him no matter what. It was a beautiful, heartbreaking image. I pray for peace and forgiveness in the Jackson family's hearts as they watch the media and the public began to speculate and scrutinize as we know they will and have already began to do. And in this time of another great adversity I hope they stand together remembering the smoothness of Mike's voice as he sang (accompanied by Carlos Santana) on the Invincible album, track#15-- "Whatever happens...don't let go of my hand". As Joe didn't let go as he and Mike walked in that courtroom together...Don't let go, of each other's hand, Jackson family, don't let go.

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