Friday, July 10, 2009

Top 10 and another Godly lesson learned

This thing is not even a month old and I've already skipped an entire 12 days. I bring this up as an effort to expose a very 100% Nape fact: I am the least habitual person you will ever know! The only thing I do the same everyday is wake up in the morning (by the grace of God), go to the bathroom and Pee. That's pretty much it. Everything else WILL get done but in no guaranteed or particular order. Though there's been many attempts, I've never kept a diary but I've had countless of journals that-well- I always put down only to pick back up again 6 months later. I realize this lack of consistent behavior reveals a lot about a person but I would just like to say up front( stealing from a close friend), "Don't judge me"...I am trying to get better. That's why I think the blog is a good thing...even though I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks. But let us progress and not digress, shall we?!

To be honest, I couldn't begin to sit down for longer than 10 minutes while I was home with the family in Cincy! Man, I actually had a great time and that's rare. I, mean, my mom and I didn't try to put a hit out on one another. In fact, we had like two disagreements in 10 days (Ok, not since I was like 5 has that happened). Also, all I wanted to talk about was the same thing everyone else was talking about...MJ, of course. And I figure enough people had opinions on that so I just thought I'd keep quiet. I do that sometimes, ya know:). Anyhoo, I'm thinking the best way to keep this short and informative is to do highlights! A sort of "top 10" thang and so here we go!

10) Resting around trees and grass while at my parents home. I really made it a point not to stress over anything and quietness and greenery certainly helped
9) Eating Skyline Chili, UDF strawberry malts, LaRosas's Pizza and all of my mama's cooking...probably gained 5lbs easy!
8) Seeing a cousin that I was once extremely close to, but because of his personal journey, we'd been estranged for almost 16years. I really missed that boy and love him with all my heart so to see him and his family (wife and 5 kids) was amazing and a blessing! We immediately picked up right where we left of as little cornball teenagers:)
7) Ok, a low...the way the media continued to misrepresent MJ even in his death and the blatant racism that has surfaced as a result...too much to go into right now but I will definitely have to re-visit.
6) Another low, I'll be damned if I couldn't get ride from Laguardia when I got back to NYC!
5) Kicking it with all of my family and spending more than a couple of hours with them. I realize, extended time is necessary. I even went to Kings Island Amusement Park with the kids and rode some RIDICULOUS rides...woohoo!!!

4) LOW; Realizing and reminded by the fam that I am the only woman in my entire family on either side, that has never been married or has a kid...SHIT!!!
3) Getting a call from an "insider" friend that I'm being considered for a part on a show that I have a lot of respect for. It's cool to even be in the discussion of people they "want".
2) landing on Tuesday, crying for two hours like a baby watching Michael Jackson's Memorial service...wait, side bar: They did the damn thing with that one!! It was so beautiful. I have never felt more emotion for someone that wasn't in my family in all of my life. It was amazing and so fitting. You really could not have asked for more for someone who'd done so much in one lifetime. It was an extraordinary send off for an extraordinary human being....and afterwards put my makeup on and went into a pilot audition and killed it! LOL

AND FINALLY #1) I'm not big on the material stuff, but I've been known to have had some nice things in my wardrobe before and a few that I really cherished so check this out...I found one of my favorite Kangols', my pink and gold Louis Vuitton (special edition) hand bag, and my favorite pair of Pumas>>>(see pic below)!! I thought all of these items were lost in my house fire last year but they were in my parent's garage all this time!! Now, I have no idea how that happened or when I left them there but what I do know for a fact is that was Jesus telling me, ALL IS NOT LOST. Even when you think it must be for sure...ALL IS NOT LOST!! Thank you God:)

Holla at your girl!!;-)

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