Friday, June 26, 2009


Wow. It's really really quiet where I live on Pacific street here in Brooklyn. It's been since yesterday afternoon and I'm still at a loss for words yet have so much to say about the man and artist that single handedly guided the trajectory of my life. I was about 5 yrs old when my cousins and I went to the Rock With U tour and about 7 when my world would change forever. I watched him as did most of the world on MOTOWN 25 and it was over! No matter that I was a girl, or that I was not even 10, or that I lived in was right then and there I knew I wanted to be Michael Jackson! I wanted to do what he did and not just specific moves (lord knows I never got the moonwalk)but give everything that he had to give on that stage, for others to receive and love it, and to look like there was no other place in the world one would rather be but in that moment. He looked like he was having the best time of his life making us happy by way watching him!! It was super duper cool and the moment I said to myself...I too will do that some day. Since then, I've spent my life as an entertainer: singing, dancing, acting. Everytime I got on stage it was all about putting every piece of my being,100% in the moment and giving the audience everything I had until I would even surprise myself. In college my nickname was "Full Out" in the music theatre department at Howard and ironically it carried over in my first national tour with the musical DREAMGIRLS. But 'full out' is what I was raised on and all I knew thanks to the education of the greatest entertainer of all time...My teacher and the one I cherished in my heart of hearts, MICHEAL JOSEPH JACKSON 1958-2009...please, please Rest In Peace.

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