Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm BAAAAAACK, again!

I know, I know, I know!! It's been awhile (like almost a whole year!) but like that really great restaurant you went to last summer (where you ate the "most amazing food" and "met the coolest people" but just didn't have the time to get there till now...summertime, again...I'M BAAAACK!! HAAAAYEE you guys!!! I missed ya sooooo much!! Hey, when I started this blog last year, right off the bat, I forewarned that I may fall off. Attempting to do the same thing ritualistically everyday is extremely challenging for me and I've proven it to be as such. However, the urge came back to share with you some of my thoughts, adventures and journeys on the road to makin' it happen, captain. So dust your gear off and let's get back in the thick of it! Ready...set....HOLLA and GO!!!

Now what have I been doing this past year...hmmm, let's see:

Well, I wrote a pilot and a film.
I shot big guns at firing range.
I cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner.
I had a birthday and got older. And cried when my father didn't call for the yearly b-day call he'd always make before he passed away last year...I missed him on that day, a lot.
I tested on 2 shows that I didn't get during a pretty busy pilot season in LA.
I kinda had some serious heart issues that resulted in two 5-day hospital stays on two separate coasts.
I almost became a mom to my 2yr old little sister.
I tried Bikram Yoga (it was very smelly).
I gained about 10lbs. (working on it)
I traveled a little.
I'm about to do a play that I love while also producing the very small production( you better come check it when it's up and running)
Oh, and I started a relationship, fell in love, and really started focusing on giving that sort of thing the time and attention necessary to work.( for like the first time in a looooong time)

Soooo, that was just a lil bit of reference so that when I start revisiting some of that in the future, you'll have some reference points. LOL. Anyhoo, it's good to be back. Always feel free to...holla at ya girl:-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who needs sleep anyway??

All of the miles on every one of the major airlines that I have miles on have been officially depleted. American, Delta, Northwest, Continental, JetBlue...gone. No more awards travel for the Napester. That blows considering I once had almost 200,000 miles on Continental and over 100,000 on Delta alone at one point. I took pride in miles and the freedom to travel whenever I wanted when someone else wasn't paying for it:). I think I'm about to cry. Anyway, before I do... since my last post, I don't think I've had much sleep: 6:45am flight out of Newark (we won't even talk about the adventures of getting from Brooklyn at 3:00am to Newark, NJ!!), transfer in Charlotte (yes I said, transfer. I've never taken a non-direct flight from NY to LA!!), land in LA, eat (you know they don't feed you anymore!), drop by my manager's only to find out I have a Series Regular audition back in NY, of course so now I have to prepare and put myself on tape to email back to a city I just left hours before! This is the story of my life, I get to one coast and the other calls or books me...weird! Anyway, I have to handle that today as well as start handling some business out here so that I won't have to take another non-direct flight and so I can start building up my miles again! The building must begin and the Empire must exist. I mean, really, GET IT TOGETHER NAPE!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

"You got me walkin on the Moon"...ok not so much

Hmm... is it unpatriotic for me to keep it real and just say it? Uh...ok, here it goes--I've never really bought the whole man went to the moon thing. I mean, I was a kid and pretty much always thought, "cool movie!". At the risk of sounding like some nutty conspiracy theorist (I'll take my chances here) a flag blowing on the moon that has no atmospheric wind and images with just black as the backdrop?? Where were the stars and all other cool cosmic activity that surrounds the freakin MOON? Actually as a kid, I was pretty indifferent to the whole event. Sure, the "1st man on the moon" landmark thingie occured some almost 20 years before the height of my childhood, but sheesh! I was a bit of a science geek and if a man actually walked on the moon, why didn't we talk about it much in detail in science class. Quite frankly, I was indifferent as a child because the event itself always seemed like a mystery to the world: an incomplete answer to an incomplete occurrence. We got waaay more coverage when Christa McAuliffe became the first teacher to go into space and tragically perished in the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Now THAT was real no question about it. And if there were any questions, they were answered; not some myth or way to fake it. Or what about when HuBBle went out for the first time and every image it has sent ever since. Moreover, my generation and the generation since the oh, so famous "blast off" of '69, has witnessed the technological advances that has completely changed the world since 1969: microwaves, voicemail, wireless, smart cars, dumb cars (Hummers), cellphones, laptops, skype, satellites, texting, cd's, mp3's and the freakin INTERNET FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!! You mean in all this time, like, um we haven't wanted to repeat something like send someone to the moon...again?! Ya know, cause we've already done it before??! Nope. Simply put, because we never did. But it's all good, I just don't like my patriotism put into question just because I give my country's government space program credit for producing one of the greatest productions of all time. Hey, I give credit where credit is do. Like I said before, "cool movie".
Holla at ur girl:)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OBAMA IN GHANA...(smile)

Loved seeing the Obamas in Ghana...really beautiful stuff. I'm still fascinated every time I see the images of this family doing what it is they are doing because what they are doing is not just being the "First Family of the United States of America", but what they are doing as a UNIT, is far greater and impactful than even that huge moniker. They are BEING (not acting on a T.V show) an African American, brown family loving and enjoying one another in a normal, healthy light. They are BEING that critical and rare image to countries all over the world throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. To begin the task of getting not just our country but the entire world comfortable with seeing this image within the African American community is powerful. Period. Nuff said. Ahh...a black man going back to Africa with his black family to talk about their heritage and the inexplicable tragedy of their people that has survived insurmountable odds and that would one day come together to tell the story and journey of a great people that continued to survive and fight and die and survive and fight and die some more; that one of their own would become the most powerful man not only of the world they were once shipped to (only to never return from), but also from the land that still lives within us and shines off the color of our skin these 400 years later. He is a tremendous mark within our journey but the images of his family tells the beautiful story of our history.

Peace and Blessings...holla at ur girl:-)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Top 10 and another Godly lesson learned

This thing is not even a month old and I've already skipped an entire 12 days. I bring this up as an effort to expose a very 100% Nape fact: I am the least habitual person you will ever know! The only thing I do the same everyday is wake up in the morning (by the grace of God), go to the bathroom and Pee. That's pretty much it. Everything else WILL get done but in no guaranteed or particular order. Though there's been many attempts, I've never kept a diary but I've had countless of journals that-well- I always put down only to pick back up again 6 months later. I realize this lack of consistent behavior reveals a lot about a person but I would just like to say up front( stealing from a close friend), "Don't judge me"...I am trying to get better. That's why I think the blog is a good thing...even though I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks. But let us progress and not digress, shall we?!

To be honest, I couldn't begin to sit down for longer than 10 minutes while I was home with the family in Cincy! Man, I actually had a great time and that's rare. I, mean, my mom and I didn't try to put a hit out on one another. In fact, we had like two disagreements in 10 days (Ok, not since I was like 5 has that happened). Also, all I wanted to talk about was the same thing everyone else was talking about...MJ, of course. And I figure enough people had opinions on that so I just thought I'd keep quiet. I do that sometimes, ya know:). Anyhoo, I'm thinking the best way to keep this short and informative is to do highlights! A sort of "top 10" thang and so here we go!

10) Resting around trees and grass while at my parents home. I really made it a point not to stress over anything and quietness and greenery certainly helped
9) Eating Skyline Chili, UDF strawberry malts, LaRosas's Pizza and all of my mama's cooking...probably gained 5lbs easy!
8) Seeing a cousin that I was once extremely close to, but because of his personal journey, we'd been estranged for almost 16years. I really missed that boy and love him with all my heart so to see him and his family (wife and 5 kids) was amazing and a blessing! We immediately picked up right where we left of as little cornball teenagers:)
7) Ok, a low...the way the media continued to misrepresent MJ even in his death and the blatant racism that has surfaced as a result...too much to go into right now but I will definitely have to re-visit.
6) Another low, I'll be damned if I couldn't get ride from Laguardia when I got back to NYC!
5) Kicking it with all of my family and spending more than a couple of hours with them. I realize, extended time is necessary. I even went to Kings Island Amusement Park with the kids and rode some RIDICULOUS rides...woohoo!!!

4) LOW; Realizing and reminded by the fam that I am the only woman in my entire family on either side, that has never been married or has a kid...SHIT!!!
3) Getting a call from an "insider" friend that I'm being considered for a part on a show that I have a lot of respect for. It's cool to even be in the discussion of people they "want".
2) landing on Tuesday, crying for two hours like a baby watching Michael Jackson's Memorial service...wait, side bar: They did the damn thing with that one!! It was so beautiful. I have never felt more emotion for someone that wasn't in my family in all of my life. It was amazing and so fitting. You really could not have asked for more for someone who'd done so much in one lifetime. It was an extraordinary send off for an extraordinary human being....and afterwards put my makeup on and went into a pilot audition and killed it! LOL

AND FINALLY #1) I'm not big on the material stuff, but I've been known to have had some nice things in my wardrobe before and a few that I really cherished so check this out...I found one of my favorite Kangols', my pink and gold Louis Vuitton (special edition) hand bag, and my favorite pair of Pumas>>>(see pic below)!! I thought all of these items were lost in my house fire last year but they were in my parent's garage all this time!! Now, I have no idea how that happened or when I left them there but what I do know for a fact is that was Jesus telling me, ALL IS NOT LOST. Even when you think it must be for sure...ALL IS NOT LOST!! Thank you God:)

Holla at your girl!!;-)

Monday, June 29, 2009

My cuz's "I do", BET, and still...MIKE much has gone on over the weekend, I'll never be able to fit all in! Oh, dear but where DO we start? Well first of all, I'm home!!! Yay! I got in to Cincinnati on Saturday and can I just say, after all this time I'm still very confused as to why there are never any other black people on the plane whenever I fly into Ohio?! I mean, WTF is that about? And it never fails that I get the "oh she must be on the wrong flight" look. I mean, REALLY?! In 2009? My President is black...oh, doesn't matter?? OKAYEE. Anyhoo, my cousin--who's totally like my sister when you're an only child (I mean, this who I took baths with and wore the hand me downs from:))- got married on SUNDAY! Yeah, you heard me right...on Sunday and in between 8:00am and 11:00am church services at that! LOL...she called it starting a "new" trend. I called it extremely poor planning. However, I MUST admit it was actually a good look especially if you're on a budget. She had a lovely ceremony at her church with all the bells and whistles. Then we shot over to the church reception hall across the parking lot where we had a delightful breakfast reception. I swear we were done and out by 11:45am! That *ish* was great! I had church, fluffed my cousin's dress, took pics, ate: eggs,grits, biscuits, and was out and almost back at my parent's crib by noon! Holy Macaroni! I am taking notes! In all seriousness though, she was beautiful and did a great job. More importantly, I think she was really happy and that alone was worth the trip to see...luv u much Nic:)

Later that evening I watched the BET awards...

Man, I guess a lot of people were disappointed but I wasn't because my expectations were never all that high. I mean, what did you really expect from an entity that produces and supports a show about the baby's mamas of two rappers! By the way, one of the most appalling moments of the evening was the full on promotion campaign of TINY and ???--oh hell, I can't even think of the other young woman's name. Anyhoo, the show had a lot of questionable moments (just a tore up face of confusion on Beyonce's performance), sure, but they also had a lot to do with very little time to prepare. I give Stephen Hill and those folks some credit for pulling together a monumental task (unexpectedly) within a matter of 48 hours. The artists did their best as well, I think. Think about how brilliant was it for them to use New Edition in the opening Jackson 5 number! Who else could have learned that choreography so fast BUT the guys from Boston that were created under the Jackson model from the time they were kids and as a result, became the Jackson 5 of my generation? Maybe they didn't sound all that great but they performed their butts off...and as a true N.E fan, I was happy with that:) Then there was Joe Jackson on the red carpet(omg, make him stop), Janet (j'adore!), and Joe speaking again this morning(please, make him stop). Just let Janet speak for the fam. She's always kinda been the Ambassador between the black community and that family anyway...or at least since Good Times. All in all, I'm still mourning so my thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Katherine who lost "her baby, a good boy" and Rebe, Latoya, Marlon, Tito, Jackie, Jermaine, Janet, and Randy...all of whom have lost their, BROTHER. I don't want for a minute to abate what it is they must be feeling. An abounding loss that is incomparable to anything I've ever experienced. I recently saw a picture of Mike heading into one of his court appearances during that infamous, ridiculous trial in '03 and I noticed Big Joe holding his son's hand ever so gently but with a grip of fatherly protection and I thought, "No matter how much people villainize either one of these men, this is a father that is holding his child's hand in the face of incredible adversity and standing by him no matter what. It was a beautiful, heartbreaking image. I pray for peace and forgiveness in the Jackson family's hearts as they watch the media and the public began to speculate and scrutinize as we know they will and have already began to do. And in this time of another great adversity I hope they stand together remembering the smoothness of Mike's voice as he sang (accompanied by Carlos Santana) on the Invincible album, track#15-- "Whatever happens...don't let go of my hand". As Joe didn't let go as he and Mike walked in that courtroom together...Don't let go, of each other's hand, Jackson family, don't let go.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Wow. It's really really quiet where I live on Pacific street here in Brooklyn. It's been since yesterday afternoon and I'm still at a loss for words yet have so much to say about the man and artist that single handedly guided the trajectory of my life. I was about 5 yrs old when my cousins and I went to the Rock With U tour and about 7 when my world would change forever. I watched him as did most of the world on MOTOWN 25 and it was over! No matter that I was a girl, or that I was not even 10, or that I lived in was right then and there I knew I wanted to be Michael Jackson! I wanted to do what he did and not just specific moves (lord knows I never got the moonwalk)but give everything that he had to give on that stage, for others to receive and love it, and to look like there was no other place in the world one would rather be but in that moment. He looked like he was having the best time of his life making us happy by way watching him!! It was super duper cool and the moment I said to myself...I too will do that some day. Since then, I've spent my life as an entertainer: singing, dancing, acting. Everytime I got on stage it was all about putting every piece of my being,100% in the moment and giving the audience everything I had until I would even surprise myself. In college my nickname was "Full Out" in the music theatre department at Howard and ironically it carried over in my first national tour with the musical DREAMGIRLS. But 'full out' is what I was raised on and all I knew thanks to the education of the greatest entertainer of all time...My teacher and the one I cherished in my heart of hearts, MICHEAL JOSEPH JACKSON 1958-2009...please, please Rest In Peace.