Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So...I'm being Remixed Baaabay!

Lol! I applied for a RUSHCARD this morning! You know that pre-paid debit card that Russell Simmons put out. I'm not going to front, that bad boy is a good look for the struggling artist that's trying to build an empire out of nothing. I mean, nothing....not even a Coke and a smile! But you know, the way I see it, I'm laying down the foundation with my bare hands and sweat, brick by brick and like the great builders of the great Egyptian pyramids, one day many will come from far and wide to experience what God once put in someone's destiny to build. "IMPLORABUS UNO". Yeah, yeah, yeah...that's what I tell myself but for real a sista may need somebody to drop a couple dollars on that card one day; 4real,4real!!

In other news, my agent wants me to put myself on tape for this pilot "presentation" project in LA. I just read it and...OMG, c'mon!! See, this is one of the many reasons I started this blog (day 2...holla!:). I can't deal with my industry and the way people of color are so lazy, complacent, and downright irresponsible with some of the material they're coming up with; material that's supposed to be representing "us" as a people in the year 2009! Now, I don't want to call this project out just yet, but let me just say it's being done by a producer that has produced the 'shukin and jivin' before in order to make some money. Ok, do what you gotta u gotta do, but how are you justifying after making a decent living and getting a name for yourself, continuing to perpetuate these unrealistic, super-over the top, cater to the stereotype of urban people images when you HAVE the OPPORTUNITY to do something better?! You CAN (as we all screamed in the fall of 2008) make a CHANGE in the way you do things in order to start creating images that set us in a better, and quite frankly, more realistic light. Aw man...boo on these fools! I don't think I'm going to even go through the motions on this one...trust me y'all it's that bad!:(

And finally, the last few days have felt powerful. I feel like I'm moving mountains and really getting some things in forward motion. So often, it feels like with everything I want to get done, at the end of the day I'm thinking, "Damn, I did nothing but go in circles today". That has not been the case today or yesterday or last Friday! Now that I've finished the promo trailer for D.N.R (show I produced...still gotta find that bad boy a network home) and picking up the hard drive so that we can work through the technical problems we're having in post for 'COUNTDOWN' (a documentary I'm co-producing and co-directed) and finishing up a new half hour version of my script for E.T.S( a pilot I've developed and co-wrote), I can finally go and lay down some vocals on this song that I wrote a while back...the track was finished on friday! Woohoo!! And then by the end of the week I can REALLY focus on writing the short I plan to shoot by the end of the summer:). So while the music in me often feels as if it's a little to000 slow for what I need to get done; sometimes that very same music inside you adjusts for u....and before you know it your day is accompanied by the remix inside. Ah, thank you God:)

"Gimme a beat!"(a la Janet Jackson).
-peace and blessings

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