Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The "Random" Wednesday Ridiculousness!

"Uh...umm...uh-ummm", says Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford. It was like a really good episode of Law and Order. You know when the D.A finds out all the dirt on a high post political figure and then (as apart of the 'deal') they give a press conference and save face by resigning from a committee like the RGA. LOL...I just felt like Sam Waterson was off camera in the wings just looking at the Gov with a side eye and a chagrin! I mean, if it wasn't made for TV, then this had to be an all out joke! Is this guy serious?!! Isn't he the same conservative republican that called for Bill Clinton's resignation after his extra-marital affairs scandal? Wasn't this the guy they were talking up for the Republican VP nod last year?! Oh and after Bobby Jindal's catastrophic, embarrassing rebuttal for the Republicans last year, hasn't this been the Republican Party's 2012 guy?!! Oh brother, the man straight disappeared on a trip to Argentina and lied and said he was in the Appalachians! LOL...OMG! C'mon conservs, is that all y'all got?! After all the energy he spent on trying to reject Obamas stimulus money, he could of just taken a couple more weeks kickin in South America with Maria...uh...ummm!Hysterical!

Moving On...

On my last post, I said I would address Neda...and I guess I probably should. Listen folks, that image of that woman lying there in her last moments and seeing her in those moments before, disturbed me to no end. Not because I feel she's a martyr or a poetic yet tragic symbol of Women's Rights, but because I literally watched someone die!! I watched that 26 year old human being standing there with her professor and her father one minute then minutes later transition from life to death. I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE IN REAL LIFE...EVER!! And quite honestly it disturbed me even more that as her eyes opened big for the last time, her last image of this earth was people standing around her with cell phones, cameras and camera phones Twittering and Facebooking her last breath. It was horrific. And the look on that woman's face in that last moment is not a look of defiance or 'fight the power' or 'girl power'. Instead, it was more like, "I can't believe he's taking a picture of me right now as I'm dying". But he or she was. And they pressed her entire 26 year old life away with a 'send' button. Now, because of all the media attention and hoopla over her "sacrifice", Neda ("divine calling" in Farsi)Agha-Soltan's family was told by Iranian Government officials that she could not have a memorial service. Only her immediate family could be present to bury her. And so they did. This past Saturday, when that young woman went to this protest I don't think she went there willing to sacrifice her life. She felt strongly that the election was not fair and so, yes, she went with others to protest against that injustice. But she didn't even vote so this notion that she was out there willing to take a bullet for what she believed in is a little extreme for me. However, I do believe she did sacrifice something that day. She sacrificed the right to die privately and in peace because now thanks to modern day technology we all know that was taken away...and the look on her face in the camera...still haunts me.

Finally, my randomness rant...
-I went to see Bilal in concert Tuesday night at the Blue Note in the village. He performed mostly his new stuff but he did do "sometime" and Amir of the Roots got up there with him on drums and James Posey came up and got on keys! Mary j Blije was also in the house. It was a good look for B that night.
-Oh... I saw my girl Ciara's new video and....

Loves it

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