Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who needs sleep anyway??

All of the miles on every one of the major airlines that I have miles on have been officially depleted. American, Delta, Northwest, Continental, JetBlue...gone. No more awards travel for the Napester. That blows considering I once had almost 200,000 miles on Continental and over 100,000 on Delta alone at one point. I took pride in miles and the freedom to travel whenever I wanted when someone else wasn't paying for it:). I think I'm about to cry. Anyway, before I do... since my last post, I don't think I've had much sleep: 6:45am flight out of Newark (we won't even talk about the adventures of getting from Brooklyn at 3:00am to Newark, NJ!!), transfer in Charlotte (yes I said, transfer. I've never taken a non-direct flight from NY to LA!!), land in LA, eat (you know they don't feed you anymore!), drop by my manager's only to find out I have a Series Regular audition back in NY, of course so now I have to prepare and put myself on tape to email back to a city I just left hours before! This is the story of my life, I get to one coast and the other calls or books me...weird! Anyway, I have to handle that today as well as start handling some business out here so that I won't have to take another non-direct flight and so I can start building up my miles again! The building must begin and the Empire must exist. I mean, really, GET IT TOGETHER NAPE!!

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