Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OBAMA IN GHANA...(smile)

Loved seeing the Obamas in Ghana...really beautiful stuff. I'm still fascinated every time I see the images of this family doing what it is they are doing because what they are doing is not just being the "First Family of the United States of America", but what they are doing as a UNIT, is far greater and impactful than even that huge moniker. They are BEING (not acting on a T.V show) an African American, brown family loving and enjoying one another in a normal, healthy light. They are BEING that critical and rare image to countries all over the world throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. To begin the task of getting not just our country but the entire world comfortable with seeing this image within the African American community is powerful. Period. Nuff said. Ahh...a black man going back to Africa with his black family to talk about their heritage and the inexplicable tragedy of their people that has survived insurmountable odds and that would one day come together to tell the story and journey of a great people that continued to survive and fight and die and survive and fight and die some more; that one of their own would become the most powerful man not only of the world they were once shipped to (only to never return from), but also from the land that still lives within us and shines off the color of our skin these 400 years later. He is a tremendous mark within our journey but the images of his family tells the beautiful story of our history.

Peace and Blessings...holla at ur girl:-)

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