Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm BAAAAAACK, again!

I know, I know, I know!! It's been awhile (like almost a whole year!) but like that really great restaurant you went to last summer (where you ate the "most amazing food" and "met the coolest people" but just didn't have the time to get there till now...summertime, again...I'M BAAAACK!! HAAAAYEE you guys!!! I missed ya sooooo much!! Hey, when I started this blog last year, right off the bat, I forewarned that I may fall off. Attempting to do the same thing ritualistically everyday is extremely challenging for me and I've proven it to be as such. However, the urge came back to share with you some of my thoughts, adventures and journeys on the road to makin' it happen, captain. So dust your gear off and let's get back in the thick of it! Ready...set....HOLLA and GO!!!

Now what have I been doing this past year...hmmm, let's see:

Well, I wrote a pilot and a film.
I shot big guns at firing range.
I cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner.
I had a birthday and got older. And cried when my father didn't call for the yearly b-day call he'd always make before he passed away last year...I missed him on that day, a lot.
I tested on 2 shows that I didn't get during a pretty busy pilot season in LA.
I kinda had some serious heart issues that resulted in two 5-day hospital stays on two separate coasts.
I almost became a mom to my 2yr old little sister.
I tried Bikram Yoga (it was very smelly).
I gained about 10lbs. (working on it)
I traveled a little.
I'm about to do a play that I love while also producing the very small production( you better come check it when it's up and running)
Oh, and I started a relationship, fell in love, and really started focusing on giving that sort of thing the time and attention necessary to work.( for like the first time in a looooong time)

Soooo, that was just a lil bit of reference so that when I start revisiting some of that in the future, you'll have some reference points. LOL. Anyhoo, it's good to be back. Always feel free to...holla at ya girl:-)

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