Monday, July 20, 2009

"You got me walkin on the Moon"...ok not so much

Hmm... is it unpatriotic for me to keep it real and just say it? Uh...ok, here it goes--I've never really bought the whole man went to the moon thing. I mean, I was a kid and pretty much always thought, "cool movie!". At the risk of sounding like some nutty conspiracy theorist (I'll take my chances here) a flag blowing on the moon that has no atmospheric wind and images with just black as the backdrop?? Where were the stars and all other cool cosmic activity that surrounds the freakin MOON? Actually as a kid, I was pretty indifferent to the whole event. Sure, the "1st man on the moon" landmark thingie occured some almost 20 years before the height of my childhood, but sheesh! I was a bit of a science geek and if a man actually walked on the moon, why didn't we talk about it much in detail in science class. Quite frankly, I was indifferent as a child because the event itself always seemed like a mystery to the world: an incomplete answer to an incomplete occurrence. We got waaay more coverage when Christa McAuliffe became the first teacher to go into space and tragically perished in the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Now THAT was real no question about it. And if there were any questions, they were answered; not some myth or way to fake it. Or what about when HuBBle went out for the first time and every image it has sent ever since. Moreover, my generation and the generation since the oh, so famous "blast off" of '69, has witnessed the technological advances that has completely changed the world since 1969: microwaves, voicemail, wireless, smart cars, dumb cars (Hummers), cellphones, laptops, skype, satellites, texting, cd's, mp3's and the freakin INTERNET FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!! You mean in all this time, like, um we haven't wanted to repeat something like send someone to the moon...again?! Ya know, cause we've already done it before??! Nope. Simply put, because we never did. But it's all good, I just don't like my patriotism put into question just because I give my country's government space program credit for producing one of the greatest productions of all time. Hey, I give credit where credit is do. Like I said before, "cool movie".
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